What Nutrients Are Found in Walnuts?

What Nutrients Are Found in Walnuts?


Walnuts have become one of the most popular nut foods because they are rich in a variety of nutrient contents. Today, let's talk about the nutrient ingredients and functions of walnuts.

the nutrient ingredients and functions of walnuts
Walnuts are very common nut foods with high nutritional value. Walnuts can inhibit the increase of "bad cholesterol" in the human body and are especially suitable for people with abnormal blood lipids. Walnuts can protect the body from the damage of natural chemicals and free radicals. Walnut has so many functions and benefits, it is full of the following nutrient ingredients.

Antioxidant substances

In people's daily life, the body often comes into contact with the outside world, and the body undergoes metabolism every day. Everyone produces a substance called free radicals in their body. Scientific experimental studies have found that a person’s aging and cell production are both importantly related to the production of free radicals. Antioxidant substances can help the formation of free radicals in a person's body, thereby achieving anti-aging effects.

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, so if you eat walnuts regularly, you can supplement and absorb antioxidants to your body, helping your body reduce external irritation and disease.


One of the essential amino acids for the human body includes lysine, which can play a certain role in promoting the development of the human body and the enhancement of human immune function, and it can also help the central nervous tissue to be improved to a certain extent. If a person's body lacks lysine, a series of adverse symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and nausea will result.

However, it is difficult to obtain lysine in the daily diet, and lysine is likely to be destroyed, and there is no way for the body to absorb and use it. Walnut protein is rich in lysine, so regular eating of walnuts can indeed help a person's brain development to a certain extent.

Linoleic acid

There is linoleic acid in walnuts, which is an essential fatty acid for the human body, but there is no way to synthesize it in the human body. Linoleic acid can soften blood vessels and reduce hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure. It can also play a certain preventive effect on some cardiovascular diseases, so some elderly people eat some walnuts in moderation, which can prevent and relieve some common diseases of the elderly.

Vitamin B and Vitamin E

Walnuts are also rich in vitamin B and vitamin E. These are essential nutrients for the human body. They can participate in various types of metabolism in the human body and can help people increase memory and delay aging. Therefore, the brain nourishment effect of walnuts is not can be denied.

The nutritional ingredients contained in walnuts are not limited to the above-mentioned types, and the nutritional value of high-quality walnuts will be even higher. 

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