How to Choose High-quality Walnuts?

How to Choose High-quality Walnuts?


Based on years of experience, GOODLUCK summarizes some tips for picking walnuts in this article for your reference.

some tips for picking walnuts
Walnut is the most popular nut ingredient in life. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable protein, and a variety of trace amounts. After eating, it can strengthen the brain, improve intelligence and delay aging.

However, the outer layer of walnuts is relatively hard, and many people can't see the kernels at all after buying them. As a result, many walnuts that have been purchased have very small kernels when they are opened, and some of them have deteriorated, which also makes people particularly troubled. Based on years of experience, GOODLUCK summarizes some tips for picking walnuts.

1. Look at the appearance

When buying walnuts, you can first look at their appearance. Those high-quality walnuts are close to round, and their shells are thin and clean, with very uniform and clear lines. However, if you see that the shell of the walnut is darker and has no color, it means that it has been stored for a long time. If the walnut oozes oil from the shell, the walnut has gone bad.

2. Feel the weight

When picking walnuts, you can also judge whether they are good or bad by the feel. When you put a good quality walnut in your hand, it will feel a little heavy when you weigh it. This means that the kernels in it are full and of good quality. However, if the walnut feels particularly light in the hand, like a layer of skin, it means that the kernel of this walnut is particularly small or has deteriorated, and it is not recommended to buy and eat.

3. Look at the color of walnut kernels

When selecting walnuts, the color of the walnut kernels can also be judged whether it is good or bad. The color of those good-quality walnut kernels is mostly yellow, slightly whitish, and sometimes dark yellow or dark brown. However, if you find that the surface color of the walnut kernel is already dark brown, you cannot buy or eat it because it has gone bad.

4. Smell the taste

When picking walnuts, you can also smell the natural taste it exudes. Good quality walnuts will emit a rich and faint walnut fragrance. Walnuts are of poor quality or have deteriorated and are not suitable for purchase and consumption.

GOODLUCK needs to remind you that often eating inferior walnuts will definitely not be able to supplement nutrition and will cause harm to the human body.

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