What Are the Precautions for Eating Chestnuts?

What Are the Precautions for Eating Chestnuts?


This article will share with you the precautions for eating chestnuts to prevent harm to your health due to improper consumption.

the precautions for eating chestnuts to prevent harm to your health
Chestnut contains high nutrients, which have a certain effect on human health and can play a role in nourishing the kidney and spleen. However, once the way of eating chestnuts is incorrect, not only will it not bring benefits to human health, but it will also cause certain harm to health. The precautions for eating chestnuts are as follows.

1. Eating time: It is recommended to treat chestnuts as a snack between meals, or eat them in meals, instead of eating a lot after meals. This is because chestnuts contain more starch, and it is easy to consume too many calories after eating, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

2. Be careful of the black caramel on the surface of the chestnuts: When peeling the chestnuts, you will find that the skins of the chestnuts are sticky, and your fingers are black after eating. This is because the sugar of fried chestnuts is mostly attached to the chestnut skin, and the round sand and sugar in the pot react at high temperatures to form black caramel, which may contain ingredients that are harmful to health.

3. Eat chestnuts with other grains: Although chestnuts have high nutritional value, they are also high in calories. If you eat too much, you may experience abdominal distension. It is advisable to eat 6-7 pieces at a time. In addition, chestnuts are recommended to be eaten with other grains. For the elderly, chestnuts and rice can be boiled together into porridge, or steamed and eaten, which is both nutritious and helpful for digestion.

4. Try not to eat cold chestnuts: There is still some raw starch in cold chestnuts, which is easy to breed bacteria in the large intestine and cause abdominal distension. Therefore, if the chestnuts are cold, they should be heated before eating.

5. Chestnuts cannot be eaten with the following foods:

(1) chestnut + mutton

The reason why chestnuts and beef cannot be eaten together is that the trace metal elements in beef will chemically react with vitamin C in chestnuts, thereby destroying the nutritional value of vitamin C in chestnuts. It also produces sediment, which is difficult for the body to digest and absorb.

(2) chestnut + tofu

Tofu contains magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate, while chestnuts contain oxalic acid. When the two foods meet together, magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate can be formed. These two kinds of white precipitates not only affect the absorption of calcium by the body but also easily lead to stone disease.

(3) chestnut + almond

Because the high-fat content in almonds is easy to cause diarrhea, they cannot be eaten with chestnuts. Almonds are hot food, if you eat chestnuts and almonds together, you will experience stomach pain.

6. The following people cannot eat chestnuts:

(1) People with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold should not eat chestnuts raw, they should be simmered, fried, or porridge with chestnuts, jujubes, Poria, and rice.

(2) People with a blood disease, such as vomiting blood, blood in the stool, etc., should not eat chestnuts raw.

(3) Because it contains more carbohydrates, people with diabetes should eat chestnuts in moderation.

(4) Pregnant women with constipation should not eat more chestnuts.

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