What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Kidney Beans Regularly?

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Kidney Beans Regularly?


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Unique in shape and color, kidney beans provide high amounts of dietary fiber, folate, phosphorus, copper, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, molybdenum, and vitamin B1. If you eat kidney beans regularly, this will have the following benefits for your body.

Manage and reduce diabetes risk

The high levels of dietary fiber found in kidney beans are good for those who want to manage their diabetes or reduce their risk of developing the disease. High-fiber foods can regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in the body, help reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes and decreases, and stabilize energy levels.

Lower cholesterol levels

Another major benefit of dietary fiber in kidney beans is its ability to lower LDL cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. By providing a healthy balance of cholesterol, kidney beans can help reduce your chances of developing arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

Prevent birth defects

Kidney beans provide more than half the recommended amount of folic acid for the body. The most notable benefit of folic acid is that it reduces the risk of neural tube defects in babies, which makes it an important nutrient for pregnant women.

Promote muscle growth

Kidney beans are one of the best plant-based protein sources you can add to your diet, as one cup provides nearly 15 grams of protein. Lean protein breaks down into important amino acids that are used for energy production and muscle tissue growth, so if you're looking to build muscle and burn fat, kidney beans are a great choice.

Boost immune system

Kidney beans contain more than 10 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. This stimulates the immune system and promotes the production of white blood cells, the body's first line of defense against foreign pathogens. It is also important for collagen production and thus helps in the repair process throughout the body.


Kidney beans are rich in carotene, which can be broken down into vitamin A, and are known for their effects on vision health. Vitamin A specifically targets oxidative stress in the retina and helps prevent the development of macular degeneration and the development of cataracts.

Lower blood pressure

One cup of kidney beans contains about 20% of the daily recommended potassium, an important vasodilator that promotes heart health. Potassium helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease by reducing stress on the cardiovascular system and relaxing blood vessels and arteries.

Promote circulation

Kidney beans have an impressive amount of iron, more than 20% of your daily recommendation. Iron is a key component of red blood cell production, so a diet rich in kidney beans will promote circulatory and cardiovascular health, while also boosting energy levels and delivering oxygen to the extremities and parts of the body that need resources the most.

Increase bone density

Minerals in kidney beans include phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and manganese, all of which have an effect on bone density. [11] Increasing mineral intake will reduce the risk of osteoporosis, keeping the body strong and active as we age.

Provide energy

Manganese is an easily overlooked mineral, but it plays dozens of key roles in the body, including the production of enzymes involved in energy production and mitochondrial function. This means that if you add these beans to your daily or weekly diet, your body will get more energy.

Improve digestion

The most well-known health benefits of kidney beans are their effects on digestion. Dietary fiber can stimulate the production of gastric juice, promote peristalsis, and keep the intestines functioning properly. Regular consumption of these fiber-rich beans can help prevent symptoms of constipation and bloating, while also reducing your risk of hemorrhoids and ulcers.

Anticancer potential

Kidney beans are rich in fiber, which is considered an important nutrient for cancer prevention. A 2018 study from the California Institute for Cancer Prevention and Stanford University suggests that soy fiber, legumes, and grains may help reduce the risk of hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.

White kidney beans have also been found to be rich in lectins, which have antiproliferative properties. Studies have also shown that kidney beans are able to induce apoptosis, which increases cancer cell death.

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